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Project Outline
CTF Rules and Strategy
Capturer Goal is to capture the enemy teams flag
Capturer Support (Capsup) Goal is to assist the Capturer in its goal
Defender Goal is to prevent the friendly team’s flag from being taken
Long Range Support(LRS) Goal is to support the meta-game, influencing team mates and supporting team-mates
Diversion The Capsup and LRS attract the enemy’s attention so the Capturer can reach the enemy flag with as little resistance as possible
Fast Attack The Capsup and the Capturer go directly to the flag, not diverting to attack enemies and with less regard for stealth. The number of attempts made to capture the flag is increased.
Agent Design

Situation Calculus

Agent Design

Successor State Axiom

Agent Design
IndiGolog Implementation
High and Low Level Controllers
High and Low Level Controllers
Implementation of the EIS

For the following videos the Blue team is the team of IndiGolog Bots and the Red team is a team of the default Unreal Tournoment Bots that come with the UDK.

This movie demonstrates the successful use of a diversion strategy used by the blue team.

This video demonstrates the successful execution of the fast attack strategy.

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