Teaching: Robot learning course Schedule

Course Schedule

Here is an outline of the course calendar.

Week Date Topic(s) Slides Related paper(s)
1 d Behaviour Cloning d d
2 d Intro to RL s S&B Chapters 2,3
2 d Policy Gradients s TRPO/PPO
2 d Actor-Critic methods s A3C
2 d Value function methods s Value Iteration and GCG
2 d Q-functions s DDPG, TD3, SAC
2 d Optimal Control and planning s ?
2 d Model-based RL s Pets, MBPO
2 d Exploration s ?
2 d Offline RL s CQL,
2 d Goal Conditioned RL s Goal, Conditioned RL, RIG, DiscoRL
2 d Variational Inference and Generative Models s VAE, GAN
2 d The connection between Inference and Control s Control as Inference
2 d Inverse Reinforcement Learning s MaxEnt IRL,
2 d Hierarchical RL and skill discovery s DeepLoco, Hiro, Options, DIYAN
2 d Meta-learning (for RL) s ProMP, PEARL
2 d Continual RL s PLaid, Survery Paper from Mila
2 d Reward function learning s VICE, SOLAR
2 d State abstraction s SoRB, RECON
2 d Unsupervised RL s SMiRL, IC2
2 d Generalization in RL s Amorpheus, SMP
2 d Multi-Agent RL s MADDPG, PoDMPs