Unreal IndiGolog Bot Project

This is my project on developing strategic Unreal Tournament bots in the Unreal Development Kit. They were designed to display team work, using well defined team roles. These roles established seniority in a sense where some bot on the team could influence others and with one bot taking command of the teams strategy. The project is focused around the Capture The Flag (CTF) game type in Unreal Tournament.

Below are videos of gameplay recorded for the project to demonstrate some simple uses of strategy and functionality. In the movies there are two teams fighting against each other to win a CTF game. The blue team members are the new strategic bot focused on in this project and the red team is made up of UTBots designed for the Unreal Tournament game.

The Blue Team
  • Flag Capturer Role (Capturer)
  • This role is used to describe the member of the team that is the primary flag capturer. The goal of this role is to infiltrate the enemies base and steel the flag and return to the home base with the flag. This role will differentiate from others because there is far less focus on attacking other players. If the capturer does not have the flag then it should try to draw the least amount of attention to itself while getting as close to the enemies' flag as possible. When the capturer does have the flag it should not turn around and travel backwards to attack because it will travel slower, draw attention to itself and navigating backwards perfectly is not realistic.

  • Capturer Support Role (Capsup)
  • As the name indicates this role is for defending the Entity that is in the Capturer role. This is not a desired role for any Entity that wishes to have longevity. It must do everything it can to increase the chances of the Capturer's success. Trying to distract the enemy players from the Capturer, destroying as many enemy players that it can and occasionally using its body to block incoming fire. A final strategy of the Capsup could be to sacrifice the Capturer only in special cases that look very advantageous. If the Capsup can use the Capturer as bait to destroy many of the enemy players then it can, keeping in mind that if an enemy touches the flag after the Capturer drops it the flag will be returned to the enemy base and progress will be lost.

  • Base Defender (Defender)
  • The goal of this role is to prevent the enemy from ever touching its' teams flag. This role can also help defend the capturer only when the capturer reaches a close enough distance to the home base.

  • Long Range Defender/ Diversion and team leader (LRD)
  • This role has two main goals. The first is to distract enemy players by attacking them from long distances to the best of its ability to draw enemy players away from there base to allow the capturer to sneak in and take the flag without resistance. The second role is to act as a long-range defender of the base and long-range defender of the capturer. This Entity will search for a long-range weapon and then find a vantage point to cover the Capturer and Capsup from a distance. At this vantage point the Entity should be able to see a larger percentage of the map giving it more knowledge then any other team member. This role is also going to function as team leader. This team leader has the ability to change the tactics that other team members are currently using. For example the team leader should have the best view of the playing field and can inform the Capturer of enemies around the Capturer that the Capturer can't see our would have to expose itself to see. If the team leader sees a threat to the capturer it will tell the capturer to avoid that threat and if the Capturer has support it will tell the Capsup to attack the threat to protect the Capturer.

Here you can find a presenation on the project.

Here you can find The code that was used for this project.

This movie demonstrates the successful use of a diversion strategy used by the blue team.

This video demonstrates the successful execution of the fast attack strategy.

This is a video recorded near the end of my project to demonstrate a longer amount of gameplay.


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